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Real Estate/Stock & Station Agents

We believe we offer a much more cost effective way to sell your property than Real Estate or Stock and Station Agents.

We acknowledge that, you can still list your property with an agent. (After all it is your property and your choice). But, don’t sign any contracts/agreements with them.

You can still put your property on Rural World and put our signs up alongside theirs (if you must). Note: Always retain the right to sell privately (and save thousands of $$). In plain words,

Don’t sign an ‘exclusive contract’ with them! Be warned!

Regarding ‘Jenman approved’ agents ( This is for those vendors who want to use an agent (as well as Rural World). Jenman agents have a motto ‘Don’t sign anything’. We agree, but remember: If you sell it yourself it only costs you our minimal fees (compared to their large amounts).

Optional Signage

Our new concept in signage will identify your property to potential buyers when driving past.

Our signs are designed to attract buyers to your property. Two styles exist currently:

Made of tough, weatherproof vinyl and printed on both sides. Easily mounted using a star picket, fence post or tomato stake, these are very popular - and unique.

4 Private Sale

An easy to erect sign, single-sided and designed for fences, gates, buildings and trees or posts. They are 600mm high and 450mm wide.

Both types of signs are available from our consultants. Ask nicely and they might put them up for you!

4 Private Sale

Property Valuations

If you are unsure of the true market value of your property several options exist:

Registered Property Valuers

These people can do a report on your property and estimate its saleable value. They compare it to other similar properties sold in your area recently and will give you a written report on your property. You will find them in your local Yellow Pages under ‘Valuers - Real Estate’.

Compare to other similar properties

Check out other properties within your area and talk to owners and agents about your property. Your neighbours are also a good point of reference. They are aware of their own property's value, and those of their neighbours, which can give you a great indication of your property's value. It is always good to let them know you're selling, because they may want to buy it themselves.

Boundary Adjustment

Rural properties can often be added to by buying an adjoining parallel of land from a neighbouring property. This can make the property more viable and therefore increase its value.

Things that add value to Rural Properties

Things that will add value to rural properties are:

  • Income
  • Views
  • Privacy
  • Potential (more income, subdivide and other uses etc)
  • Proximity to towns, beaches etc
  • Lifestyle
  • Water Supply (for irrigation)
  • Arable areas etc
  • Subdivision potential – check with your local council or municipality to see what the minimum area/acreage that the property can be subdivided into.

Can the property be run under management?

Many wealthy investors may want to buy your property for an investment. Especially if the property is income producing and will pay for its own outgoings e.g. staff, fuel and rates etc with a surplus is certainly in this category.

What else can my property be used for?

Can it be made into a;

  • Health farm
  • Bed and Breakfast business
  • Backpackers Resort
  • Farmstay or
  • Tourist stopover?

Or, can it be planted out or stocked with another income producing commodity? Examples include:

  • Olive trees
  • Farm forestry
  • Fruit or Nut Trees
  • Alpacas
  • Nursery
  • Berry Farm
  • Crops
  • Flowers

Does your property have any natural resources (suitable for sale)?

Some examples are:

  • Stands of saleable timber
  • A quarry that can be mined
  • Bush rock


Many buyers are looking for somewhere to live or semi-retire that offers lifestyle or income. Coastal areas and the Hinterland area for example are the most popular, but inland areas such as towns, villages or acreages are generally more affordable. At Rural World we’ve got lifestyle properties in all areas.

Overseas buyers

Don’t forget that overseas buyers may be interested in your property. With the low Australian dollar sales are being made to overseas investors. There are also many patriot Australians living overseas who are looking for a property to invest or live in when they return to Australia.

Will you swap your property for another property?

Is bartering an option for you? Include this in your advertisement, as some people are very interested in swapping the same type of land with another, in a different area.

Web Links

If you have a website for your farm, house or other rural property or business, your advertisement will include a link to your own website at no extra charge. In this way the potential buyer can view more of the property or business that is for private sale.

Who Buys Property on the Internet

People transfering from

  • Interstate
  • Overseas to employment in the area

Relatives moving to be closer to their family

Overseas buyers
i.e Wealthly Immigrants from;

  • South Africa
  • England
  • Canada
  • Asia etc

Investors in metropolitan and rural areas looking for properties in other specific areas for investments.

"Normal Buyers" - people in any area looking for;

  • a larger house
  • a smaller house
  • a business for sale
  • a farm to buy
  • a retirement property
  • acreage for horses etc